“I’ve worked with Marianne as both a Service Provider as well as a Business Colleague. As a consultant for us, she brought an objective perspective and provided Guthy-Renker with thoughtful and analytic operational advice. In a separate business dealing when she represented a product developer who was seeking a deal from my company, she was a tenacious and thorough advocate for her client and secured for him a strong deal. While we were more pleased to have Marianne on our side of the table than to find ourselves across the table, she was strategic, professional, and enjoyable to work with both ways.” - Dirk van de Bunt, EVP & Chief Administrative Officer, Guthy-Renker

“Marianne is one of the most creative and tenacious people in concept development and implementation I have met. She can source, design, and adapt concepts to solve problems, and excels at multi- tasking. I look forward to working with her on future opportunities." - Neil Goeren, Advisor, Falls River Group, The Former Vice President of Innovations, Bath & Body Works

“Marianne is a pleasure to work with. She quickly grasps the concept and goal and builds toward completion. She has in-depth experience, giving her all kinds of contacts and quick access to problem solutions and ways over or around obstacles. Marianne understands meeting the bottom line both in costs associated with the project and on time delivery of the product(s) or service. Marianne is a team player and offers all she can to make her project work in sync with the rest of the organization. Marianne will also tell you the way it is whether she thinks you will agree or not - Marianne is not a politician. She will follow your direction but freely offer alternatives that are usually better.” — Phil Rose, Former President and CEO, Obagi Medical Products