A Parisian hair stylist to the stars retained Catalyst to develop an innovative hair care brand. Overcoming significant logistical challenges involved in compatibility and filling, Catalyst utilized flexible packaging in a novel way to create an environmentally friendly-packaged product. The brand is currently distributed nationwide through leading department stores and Sephora.


An internationally renowned dermatologist retained Catalyst to develop a skin care brand based on his original research. Catalyst orchestrated the creation of innovative, original packaging that combined the clinical and prestige looks. Catalyst managed all logistics and operations including international distribution for over 4 years. In addition, Catalyst has developed an international presence for the physician throughout Asia.

Catalyst created a prestige skincare brand with novel formulas and ingredients for a leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and his partner, Hollywood's top injectionist. Featuring hand blown glass from France with patented UV protection properties, the brand launched in Saks through Catalyst's network of contacts.


A bio-pharmaceutical company retained Catalyst to create multiple OTC brands utilizing a patented botanical ingredient. Catalyst went on to spearhead a broad e-commerce marketing program for the company.

 One of the leading infomercial powerhouses retained Catalyst to analyze and streamline their product development process.

An internationally recognized laser physicist tasked Catalyst with commercializing his patented technology in skin care devices.  We negotiated a contract with an infomercial company --resulting in a six figure payment to the doctor.


A Hair Stylist featured on E! asked Catalyst to develop a hair care brand with a strong point of difference. By sourcing a  botanical ingredient from his native country traditionally used for shiny hair, we designed a unique selling proposition, and the basis for a successful professional brand.


A dermatologist credited with creating the clinical skin care category retained Catalyst to create OTC brands to complement his Rx products. We created Skin Care, Color and Sun Care line extensions --with an exclusive on a version of the now famous MATRIXYL peptide.